22. November 2009  
Liberec, Czech Republic  
Sport Aerobics

6th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS of AEROBIC GYMNASTICS 2009* Preview, Qualifications and Finals

Aerobic Europeans finished in Liberec

22 federations with 197 gymnasts in the senior and 226 in the junior categories participated in the competitions of the 6th Aerobic European Championships.
For the first time also a Step-Aerobic Dance Contest  took place with 19 groups of eight federations.
<< Winner of the women's individal final was the Italian Giula BIANCHI.
A special highlight were also the performance of the Romanian group, winning the gold medal at last, in front of France and Russia...

ECh Ambiente in the Tipsport Arena of Liberec, Czech Republic

* Last year, the top stars of the world met at the 10th Worlds in Ulm (GER).
* This year the internartional Top highligt were the WORLD GAMES in Kaohsiung (TPE).

<< By order of UEG the Czech Gymnastics Federation is the host of the this year's Europeans.

  - Sunday, Nov 22 -

>> Final, Elite Women's Individual

>> Final, Elite, Trio

>> Final, Elite, Men's Individual

>> Final Seniors MP

 Elite, Groups

>> Final, Elite, Step Test

Victory Ceremony: Elite Teams: Romania (middle) in front of France and Russia