30. October 2005  
Coimbra / Portugal  
Sport Aerobics

IV. Aerobics Gymnastics European Championships

The 4th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS of AEROBICS' will held from Otober 27 - 30, to the first time together with the 1st European Junior Championships.
Host City is Coimbra, the fourth largest city of Portugal and the capital city of the central part of the country.
Age Groups and Juniors events are finished;
Romania was the most successful nation, winning four of the five titles of elite categories on Sunday...
1st Aerobic Gymnastics European Juniors Championships

ROMANIA was the most successful country also at the aerobic junior categories, winning four of five gold medals but also three of five bronze medals.
SPAIN succeeds a victory in individual women's category (Sara MORENO).
ITALY ranked third at the medal standings with two silver and one bronze, followed by RUSSIA (2 silver) and HUNGARY (1 silver and FRANCE (1 bronze).
>> >> Medals Standings, Juniors

>> Women's Individual (jun.)
>> Men's Individual (jun.)
>> Mixed Pairs (jun.)
>> T r i o s (jun.)
>> G r o u p s (jun.)

* JUNIORS Qualification Rounds
>> Women's Individual (jun. qualification)
>> Men's Individual (jun. qualification)
>> Mixed Pairs (jun. qualification)
>> Trios (jun. qualification)
>> Groups (jun. qualification)

Thursday 27.10.
18.00-19.45 Age Group competition qualifications

Friday 28.10.
10.00-13.45 Juniors Qualifications
17.00 Official opening ceremony
17.30-20.30 Seniors qualifications (IM/MP/GR)

Saturday 29.10.
10.00-12.30 Age groups finals (IM/MP-GR and IW/TR)
14.00-16.45 Juniors finals (IM/MP-GR and IW/TR)
17.30-19.30 Seniors qualifications (IW/TR)

Sunday 30.10.
14.00 – 17.00 Seniors finales (IM/MP-GR and IW/TR)
17.00 UEG Gala
18.00 Closing ceremony


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