28. May 2005  
Richmond / Canada  
Sport Aerobics

Northey wins National Sport Aerobic Championship

Newspaper 'The Richmond Review' wrote:

>> Northey wins National Sport Aerobic Championship
Every year, Richmond's Margo Northey goes to the Canadian Sport Aerobic Championships knowing she's the one her competitors want to dethrone.
'It's a lot of pressure and I'm not getting any younger,' laughs Northey, who used that as motivation, to recently capture an unprecedented fourth straight women's title in Kingston, Ont. 'It is always great to win but I try not to focus on that,' she says. 'I just want to do the best routine I can. Each year my competition gets younger and better.' Northey spends 15 to 20 hours a week training for one of the most difficult sports in the world, Aerobic Gymnastics/Sport Aerobics is the newest member to the gymnastics family.

Those who know her say her energy, passion and commitment to the sport is how she approaches everything in life.

Northey began as a fitness instructor in 1984 and jumped into competitive sport aerobics about 14 years ago. In the early competitions there were few rules and no accredited judges, but it has developed into a respected sport that is working it's way towards the Olympics. 'Most people think what I do is Miss Fitness, but our sport is much different, more regulated and difficult than the Miss Fitness/Body Building events,' she says.

Gold for Mixed Pair in 2004:
Margo Northey
with Dakota Hart