8. November 2008
Kaohsiung, Taipeh
Sport Aerobics

*fig ---:  With finals in all Aerobic Gymnastics categories, the World Games 2009 Gymnastics Test Events closed in the Kaohsiung Arena.
Thousands of spectators came out to watch the performances of world-class gymnasts, and supported them enthusiastically!

A total of six countries took part in the Aerobic Gymnastics competitions that spanned four events.
With three Gold medals (Men's Individual, Mixed Pair, and Trio), one Silver (Women’s Individual) and one Bronze (Men’s Individual), France...

6. November 2008
Selçuk, Izmir, Turkey
Sport Aerobics

In the course of an international meeting, the German Sport Aerobic Team of the TSG-Neustadt an der Weinstraße (Germany Palatinate) travelled to Selçuk / Turkey, nerby Izmir in October 2008. The team of Neustadt participate there, together with a chummily Turkish competition group, on the “1. ARTEMIS EPHESIA INTERNATIONAL GYMNASTIC FESTIVAL”.
2,500 spectators barely find places in the completely packed sports stadium of Selçuk.
The audience supported euphorically the three...

13. September 2008
Helsinki, Finland
Sport Aerobics

From today on to September 14  take place the "F I S A F  European F I T N E S S  Championships 2008" at the Finish capital Helsinki.

Organizer is the "International Federation of Sports, Aerobic & Fitness Inc." (FISAF) with its headquarter in Helsinki.

The national host of this event is the  "Finnish Dance Sport Association".
More than 400 athletes, representing 12 different European nations take part at this event...

28. August 2008
Madrid / Spain
Sport Aerobics

* fig: --- One of the many victims of the crash Wednesday of a Spanair passenger jet in Madrid was a former French gymnastics champion.
At the age of 30, Pierrick Charilas perished with his nearly four year old son. A sports educator, he made his home in Lognes, in the Seine-et-Marne area, and specialised in aerobic gymnastics. Pierrick was a member of the French Aerobic Gymnastics Team until 2003. He was a Silver and Bronze medallist...

23. June 2008
Moutier / Schweiz
Sport Aerobics

For the first time in the short history of the Gymnastics federation of the Islamiic Republic of Iran, athletes participated in a FIG-Aerobic-World-Championships - Amin ARBAB, Alireza FARROKH, Hamed NAMAZI take part in April in Ulm (Germany).
Today Iran has taken one more step toward the development of the discipline. Ans as a result of the wise council and coaching of Gregory Alcan (France)! He met with and interviewed Mr Ahmad Mohtashami, President of the...