01. December 2009  
Wheel Gymnastics

Advent surprise of the Gymwheel-Development Association: Who will win the christmas wheel...?

 .... with the advent calendar-tombola for a new gymwheel
The gymwheel development association thought of something very special for this years advent time: 
  An advent calendar-tombola!

The reason is very simple: 

With the payment of 5,-  Euro onto the account of the development association between the 1st and the 24th December 2009, one can take part in the advent-calendar tombola and could possibly, with a bit of luck, find a brand new gymwheel beneath the christmas tree ...

Who will win the christmas wheel...?

* Further participation conditions:
Everyone in and out of the country can take part, who at least once pays 5 Euros to the account of the development association between the 1st and the 24th of December 2009.
One can raise the chances of winning, if one pays more than once on the same day or on different days during the course of the tombola participation of 1. -24. December.
*Naming of the winner:
After the end of the advent tombola the winner of the gymwhell will be named in the following manner: in a first draw the day will be drawn on which the participation fee was credited to the gymwheel development association account. For example if the number 15 is drawn only the participants whose participation fees were credited to the account of the gymwheel development association on the 15. Dezember 2009.

After this, in a second round the clear winner will be drawn amongst the participants, who "played" (whose participation fees were credited on the gymwheel development association account) on this particular day (in our example the 15th of December).

The naming of the winner will be public!

Date and time will be made known in the newsletter of the development association / and on the website  www.gymmedia.de in due course.
* Further prize:
Of courser
! there is only one gymwheel to be won.
But behind each advent calendar window a further prize will await the daily winner.

* Whoever is fast with the transfer of the participation fee,  may have already won, before others get to know about the tombola.

** We are doing a raffle every day  among the participation fees, which are credited to the account of the gymwheel development association, a further prize, which will automatically be sent to the winner in the post.
!!!  It is absolutely necessary , that the participant writes the address of the participant on the money transfer form.

Now it is your go dear gymwheel gymnasts!!!
Go and get the „christmas wheel “!!!!!
* Gymwheel Development Association