21. May 2003  
Wheel Gymnastics

Big Array of Judges for the World-Championships 2003

The 5th World-Championships in Wheel-Gymnastics 2003will be a progressive event in every way. A numerous array of judges will decide on defeat and victory. 25 judges of Japan, Austria, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Israel and the United States are ready for action on the three days of competition.

Julia Poling/Jan Schäfer (GER)
- Titelholder

All judges will meet on Wednesday, one day before the Championships will start, to discuss again the last modifications of the judging rules. One of the improvements is concerning the constitution of the juries. For the first time, four judges - before two - will assess the musical presentation of the freestyle in straight-on. Like the score for execution, the highest and the lowest score will be cancelled and the average of the two remaining scores will be added to the final score of the freestyle exercise. During the past world-championships, there were over and over discussions on the score of the musical value.
Info.:M. Väthbrückner