17. July 2003  
Wheel Gymnastics

First Gym Wheel Artists got their Diploma

At the Grand French circus-school „Centre Nationale des Arts du Cirque“ (CNAC) in Châlons-en-Champagne Tom Neal and Thomas Reudet got their diploma as first circus artists with main subject “gymnastic wheel”.

Tom Neal and Thomas Reudet, both born in France, first attended the circus-school „École Nationale des Arts du Cirque / Rosny-sous-Bois“ (ENACR) near Paris for two years, where they majored in “wheel-gymnastics” at the end of the first year. ..

In action: Thomas Reudet & Tom Neil

From the first moment, Monika Vaethbrueckner from Aschaffenburg/Germany, an ex-competitor and actually coach - accompanied and coached Thomas Reudet and Tom Neal.

Monika Vaethbrueckner gained experience in circus life at 'Circus Monti' from Switzerland in the season 1999, when she was engaged as wheel-artist and actress. So, she could pass down her experiences to her students.

Thomas Reudet

The show will start in December in Châlons and then it will go on tour in France.
The exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.
Report: GYMmedia