24. March 2010  
Finnentrop, Germany  
Wheel Gymnastics

* GYMfamily Event *PREVIEW: WORLD TEAM CUP 2010 - Wheel Gymnastics

The hosting traditional German club "ESV FINNENTROP" is not only making use of it's 50th anniversary as a reason for celebration but also actively hosting the "WORLD TEAM CUP 2010" in wheel gymnastics.
On Sunday the 28th of March the four best teams of the past  World Championships 2009 in the Swiss Baar met in Finnentrop:
Germany, Japan, Switzerland aswell as the Netherlands, are sending their current best gymnasts to the start to fight for the title of the 2010 World TeamCup. In the single rounds one gymnast from each country will take part.
On top of this there is the opportunity for the countries, to play a joker - in order to double the points within the round.

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The weekend program:

* Saturday, 27. March 2010
- 11.00 h Reception in the Rathaus Finnentrop
- 12.30 h Reunion-Brunch (Cantine of the School Centre)
   (15.00 h General Rehersal)
- 19.30 h "Sport Gala"

* Sunday, 28. March 2010
- 14.30  Enterance World-Team-Cup
 - 15.30  World Team Cup 2010 
          until about - 05:30 pm