06. February 2013  
Chikago, USA  
Wheel Gymnastics

*GYMmedia-Eventservice - P R E V I E W: 10th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of WHEEL GYMNASTICS 2013

The German Wheel conquers the world!
To the very first time the Wheel Gymnastics World Championships will held outside of Europe.
The "International Wheel Gymnastics Federation" (IRV)  awarded the championships for the first time at the National Wheel Gymnastics Association of the USA, supported by the American Sokol.
This event  will take place July 8th-14th, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois on the campuses of North Park University and North Eastern Illinois University.

* Parallel Event:
"A M E R I C A N   T U R N F E S T"
Concurrent with the Wheel World Championships there will be a TURNFEST -American Style, an international gymnastics festival featuring Group Gymnastics Displays, Gym Wheel Level testing, Opening and Closing Galas and a TurnFest Challenge competition.
Participants in the TurnFest may also join in an international training camp and learn from many of the world’s leading experts in Wheel and Monowheel, Rhythmic, Tumbling and Acrobatic gymnastics, and a variety of performance arts.
** The deadline of registration is 2013, FEBRUARY, 25th !
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