30. May 2003  
Wheel Gymnastics

Gold for Germany - First Medal for Host Norway

Today title-holder Julia Pohling (GER) /26.25 P.) again was the winner of the Senior`s women All Around Competition. Janin Oer / D (26.0 P.). is placed third. Lin Veronica Samuelsen (24.55 P.) won the bronze medal for Norway.

German also won the gold medal in the men’s All Around Competition. Julius Petri / GER ( 27.2 P.) is placed first. Jan Schäfer /GER (25.05 P.) won the silver medal and Florian Krause / GER (24.55 P.) is placed third.....

Team Germany: Most successful Wheel Gymnastics Nation

Peter de Jong (NED)

Germany wins Gold at Team Competition
As in the All Around Competitions Germany (62.65 P.) yesterday at night won the goldmedal at the World Team Competition in Lillehammer. The teams from Norway ( 2nd place, 57.3 P.) and from Japan (3rd place, 56.2 P.) shows, that they will attack today in the Disciplin Finals. All participants and also the responsible from IRV are glad about the conditions for the World Championship, they found in Lillehammer / N.
The WC 2003 in Lillehammer are moderate by Tove Paule, who is working as a TV Moderator in international events of all kinds of gymnastics and iceskating since years. She also did the moderation in iceskating in the Olympic Games 1994 in Lillehammer.