19. May 2010  
Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt, Germany  
Wheel Gymnastics

A Gymwheel and the World: Taunusstein one attraction richer ...

They don't only have good gymwheel gymnasts, the Taunussteiners, they also have Oswald Zimmermann - a gymwheel constructor of the highest class, who always has surprises up his sleeve:
The latest result of his renomated and above all creative idea-pool is now standing on the roof of his gymwheel workshop in Bleidenstadt, the biggest suburb of the city Taunusstein in Hesse (Germany).
<< A stylised globe, in which the gymwheel artist including his gymwheel shows himself, sometimes hidden, sometimes in the foreground, depending on from which side one views the "artwork".

The idea came from a cooperation with Franz Obry, the representative of Germany's "Development Association of Wheel Gymnastics" ...

* ... is it an 'artistically stork's nest' or what...??
By no means ...!!

The 'Zimmermann-globe...!

... because in the end the less expensive artwork of an artist from near  Glan-Münchweilers was chosen. 
(* ... see> GYMmedia-News from the 1. Feb. 2010)

Oswald Zimmermann
took this with ease, as is his character, now ordered a crane and mounted his sculpture on his roof.

It was not enough for the roundabout but one can see it in the narrow  Bleidenstädter alleys from all angles around the world known gymwheel workshop, whose "German Hightech" -sports apparatus "ORIGINAL ZIMMERMANN" are ordered from all parts of the world.
>> Fa. Zimmermann