26. May 2009  
Baar, Schweiz  
Wheel Gymnastics

IRV-President Paul SIELER resumes 2009 Wheel Gymnastcs Worlds

"World Championships of the superlative was great!"

That is o ne of the core declarations of the president of the International  Rhönrad federation (IRV), Paul SIELER, - to the general meeting of his federation in Baar last week. He gave an exclusive interview to European Gymnastic Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL just shortly after the 8th. World Championships in the Swiss town Baar...:

Paul SIELER (GER) during opening speech in Baar (SUI)

*GYMmedia:  – Since the World title competitions the German dominance is hard to overcome do you see a different tendency...?
: - "I think that in the next years this dominance will hopefully be overcome, Israel, the Netherlands or Austria with their first WC medal and also the USA as a new IRV member are on a good way.!

*GYMmedia:  – The IRV wants to support other Nations on their way. Where tdo you see the main focus?
* Paul SIELER: - "We will surely support training events and foreign advertising campaigns. Especially Central and Eastern Europe are in the target group."

  – The next highlights are in Germany again. Is it difficult to set new international accents by choosing the hosts?
* Paul SIELER: - "We are with the World Championships -  after Limburg 1999 - really just the second time in Germany. The other countries wait and plan the Team Cup and WC for the next years. I anticipate fuutre IRV - highlights in  the Netherlands, the USA, in Isreal and maybe even soon in Japan.

*GYMmedia:  – Now will all German Rhönradstars participate in the National Championships in Frankfurt. Do you expect a media run on the international successful discipline after the World Championship victories...?
: - "We are successul for years now at German and World Championships but the interest we wish for from the media is missing. There are various reasons for this. This is way we value the GYMmedia-Plattformen even more for its national and international publicity. Maybe the break through will come sooner than we think and hope.
* The interview was held by E. Herholz
for GYMmedia

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