26. May 2003  
Wheel Gymnastics

Mayor of Lillehammer: Welcome to all our Guests!

At the beginnung of the week of the 5th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of WHEEL GYMNASTICS, the Mayor of Lillehammer (Norway) Synn?ve Brenden Klemetrud welcomes all guests, participants, leaders and organisers in the Olympic city of the winter games 1994.
The world championships of wheel gymnastics will be held from May 28 to 31....

Synn?ve Brenden Klemetrud
Mayor of Lillehammer

We are very proud of the Olympic Park and the arenas that are located there.
<< The H?kon Hall, the Lysg?rdbakken ski jumping hills and Birkebeineren ski stadium are situated just outside the town. Thanks to the Lillehammer Games, the town has undergone many positive changes, with both aesthetic and practical improvements being made to the town - a benefit to both the inhabitants and guests alike.