02. January 2012  
Germany / Chikago, USA  
Wheel Gymnastics

Mono Wheel is a new discipline at the next Worlds in Chikago

After release of the International Wheel Gymnastics Association (IRV) there will be a very new type of wheel gymnastics discipline as an official competition discipline at the upcoming tenth Worlds: At the 10th Wheel Gymnastics World Championships in 2013 (Chikago, USA) it will be to the first time from the , the first time held outside Europe and overseas (Chicago, USA) the so-called "Mono-Wheel" is the first time officially admitted to the World Cup program, after it was already listed on the last 2011 Worlds in Arnsberg, Germany as a demonstration battle. Currently the IRV experts working on various technical code.
This unicycle version has been in the show area already well known as so-called "Cyr wheel" a name, at least since the multiple German Wheel World Champion Robert Maaser the TV audience ("Super talent-Show", RTL-TV) to offset in real ecstasy ...
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