4. April 2004
Leverkusen / Germany
Wheel Gymnastics

2nd World Cup - final Day
World Champion Germany was the clear winner also on the second day's team competition of the '2nd Team World Cup' of Wheel Gymnastics in Leverkusen (GER).
The host won with a score of 55,60 points, followed by the Japanese Team (50,30), an 'All Star Team' (49,90), Norway (45,15) and Switzerland (44,65).
After first day in Leverkusen the world cup finisched in Wiesbaden today, also with the individual scores...

1. April 2004
Leverkusen/Wiebaden, Germany
Wheel Gymnastics

World Team-Cup presents 8 World Champions
Next weekend eight world champions in wheel gymnastics will participate in the 2nd World Team-Cup in Leverkusen and Wiesbaden /Germany.
The German team will compete with the World Champions Janine Oer, Julia Pohling, Julius Petri and Jan Schäfer. They all together got seven titels in the World Championships 2003 in Lillehammer /Norway and are also the World Champion of the team competition 2003. Also the World Champion Juniors Vault...

29. March 2004
Wheel Gymnastics

The Society of German Wheel Gymnastics published an updated version of the new obligatory exercises (compulsories).
The exercises themselves were not changed. Only the description of the exercises and the transitions were duly appropriated to the contract.

The adress to order is: foerderverein.rhoenradturnen@planet-interkom.de

21. February 2004
Leverkusen Germany
Wheel Gymnastics

World Team Cup in the sign of '100 Years Sports Bayer Leverkusen'
The Wheel gymnastics World Cup is one of a series of events or the 100th years annual of sports engagement of the German chemical trust BAYER.
The world cup will take place in the U.-Haberland Hall in Leverkusen on April 3 to 4.
100 years sports tradions, but wheel gymnastics started foremost two years agai, but there work a very good team of coaches and...

6. January 2004
Leverkusen, Wiesbaden / Germany
Wheel Gymnastics

After the 1st World Team-Cup 2002 in Rimpar (Germany now this year the 2nd World Team-Cup will be held in Leverkusen and Wiesbaden / Germany from 2004, April, the 3rd to 4th.
The World Team Cup 2004 will be a team competition to which the four best teams from the last World Championships 2003 in Lillehammer (NOR) are invited.
Titleholder and favorite Germany is expecting the teams from Japan, Norway and Switzerland...