30. November 2003  
Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

43rd BLUME Gran Canaria 2003: Festival with Heart

From November 22 to November 30 took place the 43rd Festival of General Gymnastics, Blume Gran Canaria'. More than 7,500 guests from 12 different countries and three continents visited the 'Island of Eternal Spring' and took part in the different shows and events in any cities, villages and places of Gran Canaria (Spain).
The 'Blume Festival' was founded in memory of the most successful Spanish gymnast of the last century, JOAQUIM BLUME (4-times European Champion of artistic gymnastics, Paris 1956), who was deadly failed by an aircraft crash in 1959.

>> GYMmedia reported from this festival of general gymnastics, from its 'digital headquarter' in the Hotel Beverly Park in Maspalomas.

The ***Hotel 'Beverly Park' - a good partner of OC BLUME, and also the 'GYMmedia-Headquarter'

One of the first guests...
... were the group from 'Camperwell Gymnastics Club' from a London's suburb, a traditional guest of Blume festival in the last years.
<< Also the German rhythmic gymnastics group from the club 'RSG Saar' was one of the first guests this week.
The girls from Saarbruecken (GER) with their Bulgarian coach Rositsa Dimitrova are the current German Junior-Vice-Champion 2003 of rhythmic gymnastics (groups).

Reporting from Maspalomas/GC: Eckhard Herholz / GYMmedia