27. November 2003  
Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

BLUME Gran Canaria 2003 is opend!

WEdnesday evening the 43rd BLUME Gran Canaria Festival was opened with a big ceremony in Las Palmas.
More than 750 participants from 7 of the 12 nations took part and celebratated a colorful show. So the biggest Canarian newspaper 'La Provincia' reported on the first site with a big photo of the gymnasts of the Canarian island Lanzarote.
Also the German 'ambassadors' of the coming 'International German Gymnastics Festival Berlin 2005', the COSMIC ARTISTS took part with a great air track show...

Berlin's 'CosmicArtists' sports ambassadors of the 'INTERNATIONALES DEUTSCHEN TURNFESTES 2005'

Die Cosmics verstauen ihr Riesengepäck am Flughafen...

>> Opening Ceremony

>> On the website of Blume Gran Canaria you will find photos and a report about the Berlin's CosmicArtists-Show.

>> ... more information on the website www.blume-grancanaria.org