20. November 2005  
Las Palmas / Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 45th BLUME GRAN CANARIA 2005... German Ronny Ziesmer Guest of Honor!

The '1st GOLDEN AGE GYM FESTIVAL 2005', which was opened at Sunday evening, November 20th, will be this year like an overture of the upcoming world famous Festival of general gymnastics 'BLUME GRAN CANARIA'.
Next week the Spanish organizers will welcome more than 6,500 guests from all over the world.
This festival is a memorial for the Spanish gymnastics hero, the fuor times European champion of artistic gymnastics Joaquim Blume, who died at the end of the fifties by an aeroplane accident...

Guest of Honor: Ronny ZIESMER
The Spanish organizing team is very happy, that the German member of the Olympic team 2004, Ronny Ziesmer from Cottbus, accepted the invitation and will come to the first time to Gran Canaris.
Ronny was paralyzed after a tragic accident some day before the Olympics last year and have to use now a wheelchair
It will be the very first journey as a paraplegic by an aeroplane and so it will be also a big difficult and stimulating task for him.
Already at the last year's festival all participants in 2004 supported the sportsman from Germany manyfoldly.
Also a special giving up for the organizers is to care for the best conditions for Ronny, that he can relax from his badly workday as a paraplegic.
Jesus Telo, jun.: 'We are very proud of the development of this festival!
In 1960 we started with 100 participants from 4 clubs. To the 39th Festival in 1999 more than 7,000 guests came from 167 clubs, from 17 countries and 3 continents. Already in 2003 about 6,000 participants came from 10 countries and 2004 we registered more than 800 guests from 20 different countries!
So we made a jump into a new quality of our thinking and doing.

We welcome all ouer guests to the 45th Festival BLUME GRAN CANARIA, from November 28th to December 04th.'

Jesus Telo jr./Manager