28. March 2005  
Lausanne, Las Palmas  
Happy Gymnastics

UEG: Jeannette Häusler explains it basic principles...

.. a new test event: 1st Golden Age Festival
In the UEG Newsletter 1/2005, Jeannette Häusler - the UEG President of the Technical Committee of General Gymnastics - comes back on the basic principles of general gymnastics and its possibilities and opportunities of development throughout Europe.
The 1st Golden Age Gym Festival (Gran Canaria), new event proposed as test event this year by the UEG to its member Federations is based on a concept that was thoroughly thought about and discussed by the GG-C/UEG. Jeannette Häusler explains it basic principles and points out the key aspects that, in her opinion, will lead this new event to its success.
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