16. February 2004  
Berlin / Germany  
Happy Gymnastics

World Calendar HAPPY GYMNASTICS updated

Happy GYM Year 2004...
To the first time in this GYMmedia publishes a 'World Calendar of HAPPY GYMNASTICS', it means the big family of General Gymnastics, worldwide.
New dates and events are updated now, and the Olympic Year 2004 will also be a big year of general gymnastics too. ...
>> So GYMmedia is hosting also the website of the wellknown BLUME Gran Canaria Festival- in memory of the Spanisch gymnastics heroe Joaquim Blume, which will held with its 44th anniversary November this year and which will start a very new tradition for older people, the '1. Golden Age-Gym-Festival' for seniors.

These all you will find in a special overview on the 'GYMmedia Calendar System' for all Gymnastics-Disziplines,

>> specially the World Calendar HAPPY GYMNASTCS.