23. November 2004  
Maspalomas / Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

... only a few days left until the beginning of the BLUME FESTIVAL

Participants from more than 20 countries currently prepare for the 44th BLUME FESTIVAL Gran Canaria from November 27th until December 5th on the “Island of everlasting spring”.
Among the German participants will be Nico Gärtner, 3rd-ranked at the trampoline World Championships (DMT), and GWG-Cup winner in men’s artistic gymnastics Philipp Boy (both from the club SC Cottbus)....

On Saturday, Nov. 27th at 8:30 in the Salon de Actos of the Festival-Hotel “Beverly Parc” will be held a seminar in preparation of the “1st INTERNATIONALEN GOLDEN AGE FESTIVAL” which will be started in 2005.
It is an idea of Blume- organiser and UEG TC- member for general gymnastics, Jesus TELO, which he recently presented at the EUROGYM in Jyväskylä/ Finland. Representatives of various European Gymnastics Federations will take part in it.

Presentations by groups from all over the World will be shown in Maspalomas

TV- marketing of the Festival
Furthermore a collaboration with the Canary TV-production “Mediareport” in co-operation with GYMmedia-TV will be started in order to bring the TV- pictures to a World-wide market.
For this a meeting will be held in the town hall with the respective partners of the UEG, like the TC- president for general gymnastics Jeanette Häusler, the town councillors Benito Perez and Jaime Bouzan as well as representatives of the tourism branch of the international holiday- center Maspalomas.

First TV- reports will follow on Monday, December 2nd, in the Plaza de Maspalomas with colourful show- programs as overview about the presentations by the participants from all over the World.

GYMmedia will report as media partner on site from the BLUME FESTIVAL Gran Canaria

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