12. January 2014
Riccione, Italy
Happy Gymnastics

Dear Friends of the Festival del Sole,
this is our first newsletter since the opening of the registrations on November 1st and we really want to thank you all for the unbelivable response!
We filled up all the available spots in a matter of days and we're currently working hard to find more places for all the teams in the waiting list.
One quick reminder: by now all the confirmed teams should have received the hotel reservation...

3. December 2013
Las Palmas, Spain
Happy Gymnastics

The 53 GYM Festival BLUME Gran Canaria in 2013 finished with a five-digit record number of foreign visitors!
In a GYMmedia exclusive interview BLUME-OC chief Jesus TELO Rodriguez saw this as a first result of the successful cross-linking by the community of interests of the "European GYM Festival" (EGF), whose founding members include the Spanish BLUME organizers as well as the Svabian. Gymnastics Federation and the Italian "Festival del Sole".
* ... read...

30. November 2013
Gran Canaria
Happy Gymnastics

On the island of eternal spring Gran Canaria (ESP) the activities of the 53rd BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2013 will finish today. After the spirited opening ceremony on Sunday evening on Monday took place a wide variety of workshops, as well as demonstrations and matinees in many communities of the island. For the first time here was also an International Group Competition of Rhythmic Gymnastics on the program (Thursday), ) at which, among other things, the German Master Group...

20. November 2013
Gran Canaria, Spanien
Happy Gymnastics

Like every year at the end of November: During cold weather over Europe turn thousands of friends to make back in the direction of the warm "Island of Eternal Spring".
To the 53rd time Gran Canaria welcomes the "motion hungry" part of the international GYMfamily to  the unique "BLUME Gran Canaria" Festival.
Named after the four-times Spanish Gymnastics European Champion of the Fifties, Joaquin Blume, it combines already over half a century active guests from around the world...

1. November 2013
Riccione, Italy
Happy Gymnastics

Registration form for the 12th Festival del Sole 2014 - Member of EGF - are open as of 2013 November 1st, 2013 and will close once we have reached 130 teams (- a total of about 4,500 participants).
Once you have downloaded and filled out the application form in PDF, you must save it and send it as an attachment to info@festivaldelsole.it.
The Italian organizers will confirm the correct receipt of your form.