30. August 2005
Sport Aerobics

Former Romanian Olympian Vanda Hadarean represents Canada at the upcoming World Fitness Championships.

Romanian-born Vanda Hadarean (now aged 29) - a promising artistic gymnastics junior gymnast in the early nineties as well as a solid Romanian team member of the 1991 World Championships, winning the bronze medal in the Hoosher Dome of Indianapolis and Olympic silver medallist (team) in Barcelona (1992)
- is now going to represent Canada at the upcoming World Fitness Championships, starting September...

27. August 2005
Eaubonne / France
Sport Aerobics

It was a historical moment for Britisher John Atkinson, Aerobics’ Technical President, when he officially opened the first Academy ever in the history of Aerobics. His pride and hope for the global development of his sport were evident in his introductory address. He expressed his gratitude, emphasising FIG President, Professor Bruno Grandi’s constant devotion, whose philosophy led to the establishing of the Academies.

22. August 2005
Los Angeles
Sport Aerobics

Aussies win Sport Aerobics Gold at ANAC

The Australian Sport Aerobics team achieved outstanding results at the ANAC International Aerobic Championships. A total of 3 Gold and 1 Silver medal were won by Australian athletes. This is Australia 's best performance at an international Sport Aerobics competition.
The event was held in Los Angeles at the Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel from the 13th-17th August 2005. Over 250 athletes from 18 countries competed in the youth and...

20. August 2005
Moutier / Switzerland
Sport Aerobics

On the outskirts of Paris, in the city of Eaubonne, the first ever FIG Academy of Gymnastics dealing entirely with Aerobic Gymnastics will be held August 19 – 25. Twenty candidates are in the line-up. The event is both historically and politically significant for the FIG and its President, Professor Bruno Grandi.
Following Artistic Gymnastics, the Academy integrates a second and new discipline onto the official FIG training/education programme for coaches and training personnel in competitive Aerobics.

5. August 2005
Moutier / Switzerland
Sport Aerobics

The Aerobic Gymnastics TC from the International Gymnastics Federation FIG approved short before the World Games in Duisburg five new Aerobic-Elements.

New are:
- in Family 'Leg Circle' the Double leg full circle to lifted Wenson (Value 0,8),
- in Family 'Cut' the High V-Support Reverse cut to Frontal Split (Value 0,6),
- in Family 'Straddle' the 1/1 turn Straddle leap to Wenson (Value 0,9),
- in Family 'Split' the 1/1 turn Split leap...