22. January 2008  
Chicago / USA  
Wheel Gymnastics

Bientzle is teaching in Chicago

It is no wonder that children travel from all over Chicago to train and study with CircEsteem, Chicago’s non-profit youth circus.
Wolfgang BIENTZLE, Germany, the holder of the most Wheel Gymnastic titles in the world and former athlete national coach for Germany, is dedicating his considerable talents to CircEsteem as a coach and performer.
To say Bientzle is world-class wheel gymnastic coach and performer is an understatement.: As a competitor Bientzle holds 8 World, 11 European and more than 60 German titles....

Bientzle approached CircEsteem in 2005, proposing an educational partnership, which the young organization was happy to nourish. Originally founded by Paul H. Miller a former Barnum and Bailey’s Clown, CircEsteem seeks to unite youth from diverse racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds and help them build self-esteem and mutual respect through the practice of circus arts.
Since his arrival in Chicago, Wolfgang has brought the expertise, opportunity, and acclaim that enabled CircEsteem to flourish.
Bientzle’s impact is resounding; he has sent two CircEsteem athletes to world competition, ...

Bientzle is a cosmopolitan!
He has contributed to shows in more than 50 countries and is highly respected among the Monte Carlo Circus Festival and the World Circus Festival in Moscow, Holiday on Ice, Disney......

<< Unforgotten is his impressively uniquely performance in a matchless form as Humphrey Bogart ...!

Wolfgang Bientzle, as creative director of CircEsteem, has brought a professional flair, increased organization and advanced rehearsal techniques that has benefited this project greatly.

In short the impact that Bientzle has had on the individuals of CircEsteem, the community in which it works, and on wheel gymnastics as a whole in the United States, is immeasurable.
*Source: P.H. Miller, CircEsteem