12. March 2008  
Wolfstein, Ramstein/Germany  
Wheel Gymnastics

PREVIEW: IVth Wheel gymnastics-World-Team-CUP 2008- GYMfamily Event -

Next weekend,the IVth WORLD-TEAM-CUP 2008 in Wheel Gymnastics will take place in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate: on March 15th in Wolfstein and on March 16th in Ramstein. In this first wheel gymnastics tournament of the year the following teams will participate besides host, world champion and title holder Germany: Vice World champion Japan, WORLDS third the Netherlands, and an All-Star-Team - consisting in World Champion  Cecile Meschberger, Sabine Krumm (both Switzerland), Vincent Klimo (Austria) and Solveig Krapf (Norway).

All-Around World Champion Janin OER (GER)

Annette Pusch of the TV Bensberg gained gold in straight wheel gymnastics with Cécile Meschberger from Switzerland. And Constantin Malchin (FOTO; TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen) is the world champion in twist wheel gymnastics. 

In the  
WORLD-TEAM-CUP, which takes place every two years between World Championships, 4 gymnasts start per team (juniors/adults) in the 6 wheel gymnastics disciplines: 2 times straight gymnastics with music, 2 times twist gymnastics, once vault and one discipline of choice. The gymnasts can do up to three routines, but at most one per discipline.
- 15th/16th March, Wolfstein and
Ramstein -

Dates and places

6.00 pm          Gym Im Tauchental 19, 67752 Wolfstein

6.00 pm           Gym of the 
Duale Oberschule,
                            Schernauer Strasse, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

>> Tickets € 8,- each