4. January 2006
Wheel Gymnastics

New Code for JUMP
The International Federation of Wheel Gymnastics (IRV) announced, that from the beginning of new year 2006 new rules are valid for the discipline JUMP!
Furthermore international courses for judges will held in Switzerland, Norway and Germany...

18. November 2005
Flensburg / Germany
Wheel Gymnastics

On the edge of the Gala of the TSB Flensburg the IRV celebrated on 12th of November its ceremony of the "10th anniversary of the "International Federation of Wheel Gymnastics" (IRV):
Several guests of honour, coming from the different member states, complied the invitation. ..

24. August 2005
Salzburg / Austria
Wheel Gymnastics

Sunny weather radiated over the mountains and formed the perfect frameworks for the session of the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION of WHEEL GYMNASTICS (IRV) in Salzburg, Austria last weekend.

The members of the presidency and the technical committee could convince themselves locally of the outstanding preparations for the world championships in the coming year.

The sportsmen and also the spectators expect an excellent event in the Mozart city....

17. August 2005
Haifa / Israel
Wheel Gymnastics

... Spiral and Vault
24 wheel gymnasts from three different clubs in Israel took part in the training camp in Haifa/ISR in the beginning of August. Therefore three German trainers, Markus Schlosser, Ines Meurer and Sigrun Leisner, have been invited.
The training was focused specially on the disciplines spiral and vault....

7. May 2005
Buetgenbach / Belgium
Wheel Gymnastics

Laura Stullich (GER) won gold in all final disciplines

Against the pressure from Isreal and the Netherlands the German Laura Stullich is the new World champion of the 6th Junior World Championships of Wheel Gymnastics in Buetbenbach/Belgium, won the titles in all final junior’s disciplins and realized the total triumph!
Tamar Gross from Israel won the silver medal in straightline. Anne Pursche / GER placed third. Linde Wester from the Netherlands won the silver medal in vault and is...