12. April 2003
Happy Gymnastics

Today in the Hilton Hotel of Munich took place the election of the National Olympic Committee of Germany for the official candidate for the Olympic Games 2012.
The City of Leipzig - worldwide wellknown as a city of sports, of a lot of German Gymnastics Festivals and the former location of the famous 'German High school of Physical Culture' (DHfK) - won against Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.
The location of the Olympic sailing events will...

7. March 2003
Happy Gymnastics

Already at the next UEG Congress in October 2003 to be held in Vienna, the successor of the UEG President Klaus Lotz will be elected.
UEG President will initiate a change of generation. The UEG Head of Press Danielle Duchoud spoke with Klaus Lotz about his announced resignation (UEG-Newsletter 02/03: French version>>)

21. February 2003
Happy Gymnastics

For the last five and a half years, the GYMmedia Agency has been an up-to-date, reliable and competitive news service from the world of gymnastics.
During this time, with the great growing acceptance worlwide and through our fans, we have become a market leader in Germany and in Europe. GYMmedia is now in 60 countries worldwide and in a real way has become the 'Window to Europe'.

18. February 2003
Happy Gymnastics

Germany s most successful gymnast of the last century, Dr. Karin Buettner-JANZ signed the 'Appeal for Peace', also like the cycling Superstar Jan ULLRICH. Now 64 Olympic Champions and near 600 German medal winners of 26 different disciplines signed the 'APPEAL for PEACE' , which was transmitted to the peace center of UNITED NATIONS.
On the top of the list are the gymnasts (more like 120 votes), cyclists, canoeists and athletes (track and field).
The list is...

16. February 2003
Happy Gymnastics

From the beginning of February on a group of wellknown and international successful German sportsmen - among of them 62 Olympic Champions and a lot of German medal winners of world or European Championships - started an initiative for peace with an 'APPEAL for PEACE'. >> Today the list of 546 signatures of top-athletes from 25 different disciplines was transmitted to the peace center of UNITED NATIONS. Also 7 Olympic Champions of artistic gymnastics and a lot of Germans gymnasts...