02. December 2016  
Gran Canaria, ESP  
Happy Gymnastics

56th BLUME-Festival Gran Canaria finishes on Saturday

The 56th edition of the legendary festival BLUME-GRAN CANARIA "takes place from November 24 to December 03 again on the "island of eternal spring".
More than 700 international guests from 11 dfferent nations mix with over 4,000 enthusiastic pupils, young people and adults from the Spanish island, and the Spanish motherland. Together, they will celebrate a turbulent and colorfull festival of movement for a week, with a lot of galas, shows and different workshops, specially for people in the best, the "golden age". Also international competitions in remembrance of the Spanish national heroe "Joaquin Blume", who  died in the late Fifties of the last century, belong to the program ...
* ... read more on www.blume-grancanaria.org