09. June 2022  
Tampere, FIN  
Happy Gymnastics

Finish Gymnaestrada Tampere 2022

Gymnaestrada Tampere is the largest and most spectacular urban gymnastics event in Finland, which will attract gymnasts who like to perform and compete and discover new ways to stay active, healthy and happy. Gymnaestrada will take over Tampere in June 2022, bringing to the streets an energy and rhythm for gymnasts and anyone else who likes to move and have fun with others. So get moving – Gymnaestrada will be the most active, fun-filled summer festival! 
The Gymnaestrada, takes place in Tampere from 9 to 12 June 2022, is a big event. During the event days, Gymnaestrada will host shows, competitions, field programs, test points and the joy of movement in many forms. Thousands of gymnasts from all over Finland will arrive, but international gymnastics are also expected.
Passers-by are also warmly welcome to experience the joy of gymnastics and movement at the event. The President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö is defending the Gymnaestrada Tampere event.

Already yesterday,  on Thursday (09.06.22) the grand opening ceremony took place in the Ratina stadium, at which FIG President Morinari Watanabe and the chairman of the FIG Committee "Gymnastics for all" Rogério Valério were present in the stadium and around 10,000 participants of the Gymnaestrada saluted.
The nearly 400-strong German delegation enthusiastically took part in the march. In the subsequent opening show, TSV Hüttlingen presented its "Diversity" show.