17. July 2015  
Helsinki, Finland  
Happy Gymnastics

WG 2015: Full actions in Helsinki

‘Make the Earth Move’ → Streets, places, sport halls and stadiums and a lot of big and small stages in the Finish capital of Helsinki are full of emotinal actions of different kinds in this Gymnaestrada week. The City Performances around Helsinki have been in full swing the whole week. The World Gymnaestrada spirit is to ‘Make the Earth Move’ and that’s what we have done during the event week
The guests and visitors find there a wide variety of national programs, choreographies and ideas on how to spend your free time useful, how to keep your body fit and how this maintains friendship and communication. This Gymnaestrada is the Olympics of general sport and conviviality ...

* The worldwide wellnkown label E u r o t r a m p supports the GYMmedia coverages from the World Gymnaestrada.