14. July 2015  
Helsinki, Finland  
Happy Gymnastics

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The highlight of this first day (Monday, July 13) of the 15th World Gymnaestrada 2015 in Helsinki was the Swiss evening at 18 and 21 clock at the rink in the Finnish capital.
Under the motto "CH = mc2 - Gymnastics is relative», 600 gymnasts / makers from 15 squads (Daredevil, Säntis Gym, T2 x A, Gym squad emotion Liestal, gymnastics group Lu, Ow / Nw, Aerial Dancers, Solothurn Gymnastics Federation, Grupo Serata Svizzera, sh-Uniikki, Gymnaestrada Group Schaffhausen, Swiss Rings , GYM Valais-Wallis, MenGym Züri, once one GmbH, Uni-2-tre and Gymartists) tore through the audience to "standing ovation" in two screenings ...

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