22. October 2017  
Rzeszow, POL  
Sports Acrobatics

28th Europeans of Acrobatic Gymnastics 2017

The entry list of the 28th European Championships of Acrobatic Gymnastics 2017 in Rzeszov, Poland in the elite's competition was nothing less than impressive:
12 Federations are sending seniors: 6 Women’s Pairs, 9 Men’s Pairs, 10 Mixed Pairs, 10 Women’s Groups and 7 Men’s Groups.
* Russian stars Marina Chernova and Georgiy Pataraya are joined by teammates Nikolay Suprunov, Igor Mishev, Daria Guryeva and Daria Kalinina;
* Belgium’s Noémie Lammertyn and Lore Vanden Berghe;
* Germany’s first ever World Games Champions Tim Sebastian and Mikhail Kraft, …
* Israel’s triple European champions men’s group will face tough competition from the junior Champions from Great Britain who claimed World Games gold just recently.

Men’s Pairs
* ueg-report ---: 2 years ago in Riesa (GER), Belgium’s Vincent Casse and Arne Van Gelder grabbed the all-around title ahead of Russians Igor Mishev and Nikolay Suprunov. At the Word Championships in China last year, the roles were reversed. Then the Belgians decided to retire but were replaced by Vincent’s younger brother Robin and his partner Kilian Goffaux who are definitely worthy successors. They proved that here by posting the top score for the dynamic exercise. Russia, however, was the only pair that managed to score above 29 points in qualification, scoring 29.020 for their balance routine. For the final routine, the Russians stood out with a brilliant choreography and skills that take your breath away. Above 29 points again, and the European title for Russia! Ukraine challenged Belarus for the bronze medal but came up 0.360 short.
* All-around results
1. Igor Mishev & Nikolay Suprunov             (RUS) 86.450
2. Kilian Goffaux & Robin Casse               (BEL) 85.550
3. Aliaksei Zayats & Artsiom Yashchanka (BLR) 84.290
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Mixed Pairs
ueg - report --: Incredible …  that’s the only way to describe the reign of Marina Chernova and Georgiy Pataraya. Having already won all there is to win, they continue to improve and dominate the sport. 4 points that was the advantage they had accumulated the previous days going into the final. And they successfully defended their European all-around title by scoring almost 6 (!) points more than Belarussians Artur Beliakou and Volha Melnik. That’s nothing less than impressive. Great Britain’s Lewis Walker and Kitty Williams suffered a low score for their balance routine but recovered well in the final to claim the bronze medal.

 * All-around results
1. Marina Chernova & Georgiy Pataraia (RUS) 92.240
2. Artur Beliakou & Volha Melnik (BLR) 86.370
3. Lewis Walker & Katherine Williams (GBR) 85.110
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♦♦ Men’s Groups
ueg-report ---: Just 0.030 separated the 2015 junior European Champions Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate and Adam Upcott (GBR) and Israel’s senior Champions Daniel Uralevitch, Yannay Kalfa, Efi Efraim Sach and Lidar Dana after 2 exercises. The Israeli’s started with a superb combined routine, which scored an enormous 30.710. Pressure was on Great Britain as they needed a perfect routine if they wanted to win. And the lads went for it! Getting the crowd on their side performing as veteran show men, they produced a magnificent routine. But with 30.250, they could not surpass Israel. Ukraine showed off the strengths of traditional acrobatics and were rewarded the bronze medal. The 4 Belgian men just started working together earlier this. This Europeans marked their first big competition, and they finished 4th. What an achievement!

 * All-around results
1. Daniel Uralevitch, Yannay Kalfa, Efi Efraim Sach & Lidar Dana (ISR) 89.230
2. Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate & Adam Upcott (GBR) 88.800
3. Vladyslav Kukurudz, Stanislav Kukurudz, Yurii Push & Taras Yarush (UKR) 85.440
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* source: u e g