01. May 2011  
Albershausen, Germany  
Sports Acrobatics

GYMfamily Event: Russia and Belarus dominated Acro Cup in Germany

Altogether 62 formations representing eight nations were guests of the 7th ACRO CUP 2011 in Albershausen, Germany, which will organized every two years in the small Swabian village by organizer Günther Maeussnest.
Special guests were the teams from Russia and from Belarus, so the competition took place of a very top level and was dominated by these acrobates in confrontation with delegations from Netherlandss, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and host Germany ...
<< Highlight of the first day was the performances of the world champions Yulia Ardziakova, Alina Ivanova and Iryna Kalashnik from Belarus Weißrussland (< photo, left.), which celebrated with their women's group top level acrobatics and got the top score of the day with 28.850 points ...

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