13. March 2022  
Baku, AZE  
Sports Acrobatics


Although Azerbaijan's capital Baku has already hosted four World Gymnastics Championships in the last three years, but this the very first time that a World Championship in Acrobatic Gymnastics take place here. More than 120 players from 17 nations traveled to the 28th edition to compete for a total of 16 titles:
In the categories men's pair, women's paqir, mixed pair, women's group and men's group, three world championship titles are at stake, one for each exercise style - balance, dynamic and combined exercise; there is also a team competition. Competition days were March 10 to 13.
* The 12th World Age Group Competitions 2022 for youth & junior acrobatic athletes previously took place from March 3rd to 6th.
* By decision of the World Gymnastics Federation of March 4th, Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials are excluded from this FIG competition highlight.
* At the end of the individual competition days, we report in brief on the results,
    - the editorial office

♦♦ FINAL DAY III - March 13

After Belgian's Women's group gold - Belgium with 7 Gold  - most successfully!
* f i g --: Helena Heijens & Bram Roettger (BEL) and Rita Ferreira & Ana Teixiera (POR) each completed clean sweeps of the golds in their categories, while Men’s Pair Daniyel Dil and Vadim Shulyar (KAZ) captured their country’s first World title as the WCh ended this Sunday in Baku (AZE).
With new rules in place since the beginning of the year, gold medals were awarded for Balance, Dynamic, and Combined routines at the World Championships, giving pairs and groups an avenue to earn multiple World titles.
With 10 medals, seven of them gold, the Belgian team dominated the championships in unprecedented fashion. Embodying the style and technique of the “Belgian school” were Heijens & Roettger, whose expressivity and attention to detail delighted judges and spectators alike. Sunday’s Balance performance, a tender portrayal of “Romeo and Juliet” set to the love theme from the 1968 film, was anything but tragic; it earned Roettger & Heijens their fourth of a possible four gold medals.
Women’s Group Kim Bregmans, Lise de Meyst, and Bo Hollebosch contributed to another happy day for team Belgium with a gold for their Dynamic routine. The trio leaves Baku with three golds, one silver, and a feeling of total contentment.
It’s an extraordinary result for a pair that has trained together only since last November — and they know it. Belgium’s last World title in Mixed Pairs competition came ten years ago.
* Women's pair: Reigning  World champions Ferreira & Teixiera also proved unstoppable. The duo from Porto capped a splendid week in Azerbaijan with their third World gold for their Dynamic routine, for their fifth World medal overall.
* Men's Pair: After three silver medals, Daniyel Dil & Vadim Shulyar (KAZ) were delighted to finally win a title for Men’s Pair Balance. It was Kazakhstan’s sixth medal of the week — but its only gold.
FINAL Results Day 3   (Sun, Mar 13)


* Youtube (0209)

♦♦ FINAL DAY I - March 11

Three Golds for Belgium ...
After winning the gold medal in Team competition gymnasts from BELGIUM earned a hat trick of golds as finals got underway Friday:
* Lise de Meyest, Kim Bermans & Bo Hollebosch grabed the titel for the Belgian womens group in front of Portugal and USA.
* In the mixed pair  category wer Belgium's Helena Heijens & Bram Roettger the most successful duo, followed by Great Britain and the pair from Germany.
FINAL Results Day 1   (Fri, Mar 11)


* FIG - Youtube (0311)
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* WCh Qualification Results All  (March 10)

Qualifications, all

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12. World Age Group Competitions
Baku (AZE); 03. -06. März 2022

R E S U L T A T E:
  In the age groups 12-18 years & 13-19 years, the youngsters from ISRAEL were successful in the finals 4 times!
Three gold medals went to Russia (...whose elite athletes were then excluded from the World Cup by the FIG!).
The Brits got two wins and 1x gold went to the mixed team from Azerbaijan.
With 2x rank 7 and an 8th place, the young Germans did not come close to medals in the 10 finals.
(The 4th final place in the Men's Pair (13-19 years) is put into perspective when only four nations participate!)

12-18 years

Men’s Pair:       > Qualification Balance  > Qualification Dynamic  Final
Men’s Group:       > Qualification Balance  > Qualification Dynamic   Final

Women’s Pair:    > Qualification Balance > Qualification Dynamic  Final
Women’s Group:  > Qualification Balance  > Qualification Dynamic  Final
Mixed Pair:        > Qualification Balance  > Qualifications Dynamic  Final

13-19 years
MEN’s Pair:       > Qualification Balance  > Qualifications Dynamic  Final
Men’s Group:       > Qualification Balance  > Qualification Dynamic    Final
Women’s Pair:    > Qualification Balance   > Qualification Dynamic  Final
Women’s Group:   > Qualification Balance  > Qualification Dynamic   Final
Mixed Pair:         > Qualification Balance  > Qualification Dynamic   Final