03. October 2021  
Pesaro, ITA  
Sports Acrobatics

30th Europeans of Acrobatic Gymnastics 2021

* EG info --:The 30th European Championships of Acrobatic Gymnastics will be held in the Italian city of Pesaro from September 29 till 3 October 03!
The deadline for Federations to nominate their participants for the upcoming Europeans has now passed.
A total of 20 countries  represented 262 gymnasts. In the junior competition, 134 gymnasts are registered (11 women’s pairs, 5 men’s pairs, 13 mixed pairs, 20 women’s groups and 4 men’s groups) while the senior category welcomes 128 participants in 7 women’s pairs, 8 men’s pairs, 11 mixed pairs, 16 women’s groups and 7 men’s groups.

On the final day of the 30th European Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics, gymnasts from Ukraine joined their competitors from Russia, Israel and Portugal onto the highest step of the podium. Ukraine’s senior Women’s Pair Viktoriia Kozlovska and Taisiia Marchenko outscored Israel’s Almog Green and Maayan Zunenshine for the dynamic victory.

Saturday 2 October – ALL-AROUND FINALS
 * Juniors AA-FINAL: ► Mixed Pairs Combined  ► Women’s Groups Combined
                               ► Men’s Pairs                 ► Men’s Groups Combined
                               ► Women’s Pairs Combined

* E L I T E  AA-FINAL Women’s Pairs            Men’s Groups Combined
                                Women’s Groups Combined
                                Mixed Pairs Combined  Men’s Pairs Combined

Friday 1 October
* Qualifications Juniors > Mixed Pairs Dynamic     >  Women’s Groups Balance
                                   > Men’s Pairs Dynamic    >  Men’s Groups Balance
                                  > Women’s Pairs Balance

* Qualifications ELITE  > Women’s Pairs Dynamic > Men’s Groups Dynamic
                                 > Women’s Groups Balance
                                 > Mixed Pairs Dynamic      >  Men’s Pairs Balance

Thursday 30 September
* Qualifications ELITE:  > Women’s Pairs              > Women’s Groups Dynamic
                                   > Men’s Groups Balance
                                   > Mixed Pairs Balance      > Men’s Pairs Dynamic

** FINALS ELITE        Women’s Pairs Balance Women’s Groups Dynamic
                                 Men’s Groups Balance
                                 Mixed Pairs Balance      Men’s Pairs Dynamic

Wednesday 29 September     ( >>> Deutsche Teilnehmer)
* Qualifications Juniors: > Mixed Pairs Balance    > Women’s Groups Dynamic
                                   > Men’s Pairs                 > Men’s Groups Balance

* FINALS Juniors:        ► Mixed Pairs Balance  ► Women’s Groups Dynamic
                                    ► Men’s Pairs              ►  Men’s Groups Balance
                                                                        ► Women’s Pairs Dynamic