20. May 2023  
Riesa, GER  
Sports Acrobatics

*Acrobatic Gymnastics: 17th International Saxonia Cup 2023

The Riesa WCh Hall at the Sports Center experienced today the second day of competition of the 17th International Saxon Cup of Acrobatic Gymnastics 2023.
In four categories - from the age group 9-16 years, through the two junior categories (10-18 and 11-19) to the elite level (13 and older) - the athletes thrilled the 400 spectators in the well-attended arena on the first day of competition. International guests of the Saxon Cup 2023 come from Seinäjoen (FIN) - north of Tampere - from the "Club Lakeuden Taitovoimistelijat" as well as from Warsaw and Zielona Gora (POL), who meet 17 German acrobatic clubs!
Especially cheered was the highest score of the 1st competition day, which was not unexpectedly received by the local German Champion Mixed Pair Daniel Blintsov / Diana Lust from SC Riesa with 28.280 points for their dynamic exercise and with which they already had a 3-point lead over their Polish competitors Lena Loch / Szymon Ratajczak from UKS AS Zielona Gora. Today the competitions will be continued from 10 a. m. local time on ...

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