09. May 2015  
Varna, Bulgaria  
Sports Acrobatics

Varna World Cup: Successfully combined discipline

* f i g - report-: In a first for the International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.), this past weekend's World Cup competitions in Acrobatic & Artistic Gymnastics in Varna (BUL) were held concurrently in the same arena, with Saturday and Sunday's finals showcasing first one discipline, then the other.
The idea of combining the disciplines on the World Cup level has not been tried until now and the Varna World Cup represents a first for both disciplines.
June's European Games in Baku (AZE) will also feature a combined format, mixing Acro and Rhythmic, as well as Trampoline and Aerobic.

Challenge Cup - ACROBATIC Gymnastics
       - Varna / BUL, May 07 - 09 -

!! Our position:
We have tried to get an overview of the results in a summary on the website of the Bulgarian organizer ... Unfortunately, we did not succeed.
Perhaps the Acro insider to come right. For interested outsiders and the public, such a confusing presentation of the results of a Challenge Cup is unreasonable!!
►► Please try Your luck!
  - GYMmedia Editors !!

... The artistic gymnasts, this is achieved much better!
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