30. March 2023  
Schwarzenberg, GER  
Sports Acrobatics

The popular Erzgebirgscup in Schwarzenberg is also being reanimated ...

After an 11-year interruption, the tradition of the once so popular ERZGEBIRGSCUP is now to be continued again in Schwarzenberg!
The 56-year-old traditional club SAV Grünhain-Schwarzenberg invites national and international guests to the 13th INTERNATIONAL ERZGEBIRGSCUP 2023 for December 9, 2023. With the special charm and ambience of this charming German mountain area (near Dresden), the gymnastics discipline of sports acrobatics has been cultivated here in an imaginative way for decades, thus emphasizing the special importance of Saxony for the discipline of sports acrobatics, in addition to all the top centers like Riesa, Hoyerswerda, Dresden, Taucha and other centers! This is also particularly underlined by the very current and content-rich led and current-maintained SAV website of the club, on which one can also inform about the 13 Erzgebirgscup ...!