1. January 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

More than 15 Olympic, world and European champions performed the event 'Night of the Champs' in the Phoenix Hall of Mainz at Christmas 2002.
The 8 times world champion of wheel gymnastics, Wolfgang BIENTZLE, also the art director of the DTB Gala Gymmotion was the choreographer of this show.

30. October 2002
Wheel Gymnastics
Wheel Gymnastics

More than five month passed by after the German Gymnastic Festival in Leipzig.
And the section 'wheel gymnastics', departement of the German Gymnastic Association (DTB), still has no technical committee in front.
By the way of the German Team Championships was held a meeting of DTB - but without a decisive success ...

25. October 2002
Wheel Gymnastics

The first trainingcamp in wheel gymnastics in Brazil took place from 14.-20.October 2002.
One year before two groups was builded after the visit of a international wheel gymnastics team in Brazil.

With two German coaches, Sabine Nickel and Sigrun Leisner, the Brasilian gymnasts learned a lot of new exercises.
Hopefully we will see some Brasilian gymnasts in one of the next international competitions.

21. October 2002
Wheel Gymnastics

On Saturday, October the 19th the host TSV Marburg-Ockershausen was the winner of the German Team Championships 2002.
It was a big surprise, that the long time favourite TSV Taunusstein- Bleidenstadt got only the silver medal this year..