18. May 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

„Challenge 2003“
International Meeting on 25th May before World Championship in Lillehammer.

On the way to the 5th World Championsships in Lillehammer a lot of the participants will make a stop in Flensburg /Germany for an international meeting on May, 25th, in the venue Foerderhalle, among of them a strong tem from Japan....

15. May 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

The 5th World Championships of Wheel-Gymnastics will start with a big opening gala on the 29th of May in Lillehammer.
Since more than one year the preparation and the rehearsals for the show are going on. About 70 persons are joining the Opening-Gala. This will be the first highlight of the world championships, created and directed by Berit Myren Kristiansen, who was one of the directors of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Lillehammer 1994....

2. May 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

This weekend will held the Regional Junior's Championships of Germany.
This will be the last important test for the German participants of the Junior's World-Championships at the end of May.
All the upcoming stars will take part, e. g. Friederike Schindler (TSV Marburg-Ockershausen, 4 times goldmedalist at the last Junior's WCh, the German Junior's Champion 2002 Kira Schneggenburg (TSV Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt), and Simon Knapp (SV Rugenbergen, winner of the german qualifications for the Junior's WCh.).
The Northern Championships...

29. April 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

The young new section of wheel gymnastics of the German club TG Obertshausen will be the organizer of the 2003 German Youth Championships at June 28-29.
Four weeks ago, the execution of the German Juniors Championships in wheel gymnastics was still not organized.

16. April 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

Six weeks before the 5th World Championsships of Wheel Gymnastics in the Norvegian Olympic City of 1994, Lillehammer, the count down is running on for the actives and athletes, who will participate, there.
This week, 32 gymnasts from Germany, Switzerland, Norway and France meet in Taunusstein (Germany), for an internatinal training camp, to prepare for the 2003 high light....