8. July 2011
Stuttgart, Germany

Dress Rehearsal for the Worldgymnaestrada

The GymFestival 2011 (July 09 - 10) in Stuttgart (GER) is connected with the Children & Youth Festival Stuttgart, organized for kids and teenies and families to have fun and action with different kinds of sports in the middle of the Swabian metropole. A peculiar international charm is the fact, that this "Gymfestival 2011" is a part pf the new cooperation of the „European Gym Festivals“ (EGF), - a special fusion of different Europen Gym Festivals, like > www.blume-grancanaria.org or > www.festivaldelsole.it, some days before the World Gymnaestrada will start in Lausanne. So also numerous international groups and delegation will make a side trip to Stuttgart on their way to Lausanne...
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13. February 2011
Braunlage, Las Palmas, Stuttgart

After the big success of the 50th anniversary of the "Festival BLUME GRAN CANARIA" at the beginning of 2010 December the Spanish organizers met in Braunlage (Germany) for the next preparations of the upcoming Festival 2011, together with their German partners, to talk about the development of the future not only of this traditional event.

One of the balance point in leadership of the chief organizer Jesus TELO (ESP) where an European network of gym festivals which should also have also a global perspektive.

In 2010 October three of European event organizers of gym festivals founded the "E G F", a cooperation of European Gym Fesivals ...