3. December 2011
Maspalomas, San Fernando / Gran Canaria

In the large multi-purpose sports hall of San Fernando - an urban district of the main tourist area on the resort island of Maspalomas in the south - again all hell broke loose:
Excited girls - but rarely boys - went back and forth, each wanted the other to exceed the most beautiful outfit:
As the extra-made costume was created, the final corrections were made with needle and thread....
As was made ​​up and examined, tried last poses, excited coaches and mothers tugging again and moved everything ready, what should then be brought to perfection:
A large Canarian Gymnastics Matiinee schools and sports clubs of the Canary Islands was imminent, a colorful look at the remarkable and challenging level of performance both in school sports training, as well as high levels of performance youngest  talents especially in rhythmic gymnastics (* see photo, left) ...

2. December 2011
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

There is always one of the absolute highlights of the entire great festival of the "BLUME-Gran Canaria GALA 2011".
Thus ensured even in the 51st anniversary of more than 800 active participants from 23 delegations and groups integrated in this gala evening - both from the Canary Islands as well as the representatives of 12 international groups for wonderful mood.

It includes a fair amount of logistical effort and the experience of half a century to convey to each participant at the right time right place, and this from anywhere in the island.
With the comfortable busses of the company "Las Palmas bus" it is not a problem...  Even a mini-trampoline was forgotten by the Danish delegation and  about 60 km away from Puerto Rico in the south of the island in time "after" transported, and also this atmospheric show was saved ...

1. December 2011
Maspalomas / Gran Canaria

None other than the German prize winner at the "Bavarian State Gymnastics Festival" announced yesterday in Maspalomas, and fond of singing from her unmistakable voice and business card:

At the action stage of the Jumbo Centre joined the evening gala the "TSG Pasing" (Munich) - the  German Champion 2010 (Augsburg) in the so-called "Dance / Gym-group Competition," and this year the current Bavarian State Champion 2011, where the group on the party of the German Gymnastics Youth (Turnerjugend) this trip was handed over to the "island of eternal spring" as a prize.

Singing, dancing, being active, it means gymnastics and more are part of the profile of this interesting offering from which there are several choices, such as group gymnastics, or running or swimming relays, medicine ball toss, orienteering and more, where every group can select four of the different disciplines and put it in one performance ...

30. November 2011
Las Palmas / Tafira, Gran Canaria

For several years, the BLUME- Festival Gran Canaria, which is otherwise exclusively from events and shows, which is without any assessment of the aesthetic character allwer disciplines in the foreground, even taken a particular form of competition into the program:

TeamGym - a competition, there was again in the gymnasium of the University of the island capital Las Palmas, in the indoor sports events, and it was the fifth and last event of the European "Euro-TeamGym Series 2011" instead.

The venue was the gymnasium of the University of Las Palmas in Tafira. Overall winner of BLUME GRAN Canaria Award 2011, the group was from Norway, "Tropp og turn-Holmen", in front of  last year's winner, the Norwegian Euro-Cup winner "Stag Club" ...

29. November 2011
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Grateful to the south of the holiday island Gran Canaria lined back expectantly in the center of the action area of Maspalomas.
Action announced in pure themselves, when the convoy was approaching the BLUME festival participants with his equipment and the babble of languages ​​and voices of many countries now steadily filled the ranks:
Before incomparably beautiful scenery of the light shone in Ecumenical Church was the "Maspalomas Night" set this evening in the hands of the British groups, which includes the regular visitors for decades to this world famous BLUME Festival. Among the participants of the festival site is on this action area because of the special atmosphere is very popular because here the spectator ran up close to the wine-colored flooring crowd, only one buffer to the otherwise-containing concrete and hard surfaces.
But at the Monday forenoon started all the different workshop programs ...

27. November 2011
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

It was, as it is always: Happy Faces expectancy, bus direction Corso to the Jumbo shopping center of Maspalomas and hundreds of contributors organized before the opening gala evening of the 51st BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2011, a tingling feeling, as one usually reserved for large knows gymnastics and sports celebrations.
Abolute always radiating calm and serenity, acting chief organizer Jesus TELO Jr. and then out totally cool, if for various logistical reasons, the air burns the right times.
But he has a proven team at his side, which can deal with "incidents" of any kind, and were still found solutions of an operational nature.
Were very impressed and again especially in the Canary Islands regional representatives from the mayor to the bravery of which have long been the social value of this event is so important long understood ...

27. November 2011
Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas

A high priority has established half a century, the international "BLUME -Festival" on the main island of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria:

If tonight at the commercial center of Maspalomas "Jumbo" with the first and openung show of the 51st "Festival with Heart" is opened, is also the Canary TV with it. 
As the "Blume-Ambassador" is also the former German gymnast Ronny Ziesmer invited as guest of honor, six years after his first visit here in Gran Canaria.

In 6 of the 21 island communities and cities will held a total of 34 events and workshops.
The arrived guests from 12 different countries taking advantage of the numerous performance opportunities, each according to individual desire, which is a proven logistics has to get to the point: It is sometimes not easy, at the right time, at the right place, even with all the props to be ..

18. November 2011
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

After the great anniversary celebrations for the 50th time of the festival in 2010 now again the participants are on the way to it: From November 24th to December 2nd 2011 the "Island of the everlasting spring" presents for the 51st time the gymnastics festival "BLUME GRAN CANARIA".

It again will be a colouful festival, divided into 34 gymnastics festivals in 6 different areas and cities on the Island, like Arucas, Ingenio, Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, Mogán, San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Telde, with more than 5,200 participants from 192 national and 40 international groups.

C. 720 international guests come from 12 different countries, mainly from central Europe, Scandinavia and Great Britain.

4. November 2011
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

With a festive reception for the representatives of domestic and foreign delegations in the traditional and pompous "Real Club Nautico" of the island capital Las Palmas ended the eventful days of the Festival BLUME Gran Canaria.

Recent conversations, thanks, handing small gifts to the Canary dedicated organizers and appointments for the 52nd 2012 edition were the main contents of the nations together, social gathering at the posh social club in the Canary metropolis.
Very impressed by the atmosphere of this festival a big international gymnastics family, was the now handicaped and former member of the German national team, Ronny Ziesmer, which the Spaniards had been invited in his capacity as a flower-ambassador for the second time.

10. July 2011
Stuttgart, Lausanne, Las Palmas

The Idea of the new founded Pool "European GYM-Festivals" (EGF) lives ... !

<< Athletes and members of the Spanish organizer of the legendary Blume-Gran Canaria Festivals representing the sports club "Gimnasio Las Palmas" from the Gran Canaria Island (photo, left) raised a cheer for their traditional pyramids on the stages of the "2011 Gymfestival" at the second weekend of July ...

Both events, but also the Italian "Festival del Sole" (2012) are charter members of the  "European GYM Festivals" (EGF), which will working for better and global and outwards positioned communication and information.

* ... look also at the GYMmedia Report from the  
GymFestival Stuttgart 2011