Friedrich Ludwig JAHN - Grand father of Gymnastics

FREYBURG, a charming town in the valley of Unstrut river

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99th JAHN MEMORIAL 2023, August 18 - 20

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Father of Gymnastics.
JAHN, Father of Gymnastics

1,000 years of viticulture
1,000 years wine

FREYBURG (Unstrut):
PObox 45
- Germany -

  • Tel:  ++49-34464-300
    Fax: ++49-34464-30012

Jahn's grave and the last living house
it's the Jahn Museum now, with a new exhibition

'Friedrich Ludwig Jahn: Life and work'
(opened, 1999, August, the 20th)

The living house of Jahn




Hall of Honour

Hall of Honour
- one of the historical places within the town walls -

'The traditional Jahn Gymnastics Festival'
- every year in August, since1901, a special gymnastics high light:
competitions on apparatusses
in all age groups.
Fun - sociability - joy of life

Every year in August: Gymnastics competitions - open air

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Artistic gymnastics, OPEN AIR

Magazine of the JAHN-Society to safe the historical buildings of the 'Father of Gymnastics', F.L.Jahn

  The JAHN-SOCIETY of Freyburg

Jahn and Wine town FREYBURG

Panorama of Freyburg

Heraldic figure of the City of FREYBURG

The valley of Unstrut in Saxonia Anhalt

Highlight of tourism in the Unstrut valley

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