COMPETITION I: Team qualification MEN  / Männer

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SUBDIVISION 4 / GRUPPE 4 (15.00 - 17.00 Uhr)






There's more to Latvia than Olympic floor champ Vikhrov...

One team in this group is the centre of attention: Latvia with Olympic floor champion Igor Vikhrov, Yevgeni Sapronenko, second on vault at the last world championships, experienced Erik Revelinsh and young Ivan Gorbunovs.

Denmark has a few specialists on the team, namely Kaspar Fardan (high bar, floor). The Austrians say they will be happy to place among the top 30 teams.

But: Thomas Zimmermann will present his spectacular handspring- front salto with a half turn into a back salto as a world premiere. Also in this group are Kazakhstan and Argentina. The gymnasts from Taiwan are the unknown factor. .

<< ...a bit nervous: Igors Vikhrovs

Rotation 1:
Latvia starts on pommels with a bang. Young Denis Zbickis starts off with a 9,2, Sapronenko adds to that and Ivan Gorbunovs's score is just a tad lower.
At the same time Kasper Fardan is on high bar, his speciality.  He catches his release of  full-twisting Kovacs well but gets stuck on an Endo. Even his triple flyaway will not get him into the final now!
Bad luck!  Thomas Zimmermann's „Zimmi“ goes splat.  He lands the vault on his knees: 9,025 points. Goodbye to the final and any medal hopes.
Taiwan is disappointing on floor. Nobody can muster more than 8,725. Erika Revelinsh finishes the rotation with another score in the nines for Latvia. The small country is in the lead after the first rotation - ahead of Korea and Russia.

Rotation 2:
The Latvians fail to impress on rings, with the notable exception of Erik Revelinsh who at least manages a 8,912.  This means third place for the Baltic team. Austrian Zimmermann has recovered from his unsuccessful vault. He puts on a good show on parallel bars with a double salto between the rails (8,587). Something finally goes well for Kaspar Fardan (DEN) a  9,35 on floor.  Taiwan is getting going on pommels and the Kazaks seem to have found a successor for legendary Sergei Fedorchenko: Yernar Yerimbetov, who scores a 9,562 for a well executed Tsukahara with  2 1/2 twists (SV 9,9)..

Rotation 3:
Fantastic! Incredible! These and similar words echoed from the stands in all languages of the world. 38,023 points on vault for Latvia. 9,437 for Revelinsh double twisting Tsukahara. Sapronenko nailed his double Tsuakhara. His reward were incredible  9,762 points. Igors Vikhrovs nearly matches this for his Tsukahara with  2 ½ twists . At the same time  Yermimbetov scores  9,487 on bars and Eric Pedercini's 9,312 on floor shows that Aregntina is on track as well.

Rotation 4:
Latvia has a weak rotation on bars and cannot pull ahead of Russia.

Even Sapronenko has a few mistakes in his routine and can't stick his dismount None of the other gymnasts can go beyond mediocrity.

... but the height of Sapronenko's piked salto was impressive!

Rotation 5:
The Latvians seemed to be fighting the laws of gravity rather than for second place on high bar. Revelinsh is the only gymnast to score above 9. Cheering in the Danish camp when Tue Lodahl  is awarded with 9,612 for a huge Tsukahara with 2 1/2 twists. Kazakhstan has some impressive acrobatics on floor: Stepan Gorbatchev  9,337, and Yernar Yerimbetov goes one better for 9,562.

Rotation 6:
The Latvians pull out all the stops on floor: Ivan Gorbunovs acrobatics earn 9,4. Olympic floor champ  Igor Vihrovs follows with front layout - doluble twisting front- front layout- 2 1/2 twsiting front, 1 1/2 Arabian double front and a double double dismount. 9,5 (10 SV). Sapronenko is even better for a 9,575. While it is not enough to pass Russia, the current third place still leaves hope for making team finals for the Latvians.

Team Standings:    
1. KOR 220,857 2. RUS 217,384 3. LAT 215,030 4. GBR 208,085 5. CZE 201,096 6. ARG 199,922