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After the excitement of the men’s competition, the spectators now eagerly await the women’s team final with eight team of six gymnasts. Three compete per apparatus with all scores counting.
The crowd is packed with fans from the nearby Netherlands whose shouts of "Hollland, Holland" echo through the arena even before the gymnasts march in.
Rotation 1:

Lyudmila Yezhova (RUS) begins very well on floor with three twisting tumbles (triple, 2 twisting front and 2 1/2) and a clean double pike. Natalia Ziganshina has trouble on her second tumble when the planned 2 ½ twist punch front full turns into a half but is very clean else where. Svetlana Khorkina gets through her routine well (full-in; whip- triple twist; double pike).
Result: 27,187

Esther Moya (ESP) struggles on her first vault but nails her second one well for an average of 9,031. Marta Cusido also vaults well. Sara Moro sits down her first vault of 1 ½ twisting Yurchenko. She stand up her a double twisting Yurchenko.
Result: 27,117

Rikst Valentijn (NED) gets off to a shaky start on beam when she misses one foot on a tuck front salto on beam. Gabrielle Wammes picks up some slack with a routine that finishes with a lovely 2 ½ twist dismount (only 9,5 SV).

Lisa Brüggemann (GER)

Verona van de Leur is nervous on beam with a few wobbles and missed connections. Result:25,674
Jessica Zarnay (AUS) stays clean on bars. Allana Slater adds a good effort on bars with a Jaeger to Pak salto and a nailed dismount. Jacqui Dunn drops off bars on a half turn. This means touble for the Aussies. >> Result: 24,200
Alyona Kvasha (UKR) wobbles on her full turn and staggers on a front tuck but stays on the beam. Natalia Sirobaba is solid on beam with a beautiful handsoring-tuck front combination. Irina Yarodskaya falls on her front pike mount.
Result: 25,975
Ashley Miles (USA) swings bars well with a Tkachev and takes a few steps on her double front dismount. Katie Heenan has clean lines and difficulty. Tasha Schwikert works basr well with a nailed double layout dismount to huge cheers from the audience.
Result: 26,712
Andreea Ulmeanu (ROM) opens the night with a double twisting Yurchenko and nails her second vault too. Sabina Cojocar vaults a 1 ½ twisting Yurchenko and a double twisting one. Andreea Raducan also vaults well.
Result: 28,061
Gritt Hofmann (GER) is solid on floor with a full-in beginning. Birgit Schweigert staggers back on her double pike and has some small problems. Lisa Brüggemann steps out of bounds on her first two tumbles but sticks her piked full-in and double pike very well. Result: 25,512

Das deutsche Team:
Die Berlinerin Grit Hoffmann begann mit einer soliden Bodenübung. Birgit Schweigert stolperte bei ihrem Doppelsalto und hatte einige kleinere Ausführungsprobleme. Lisa Brüggemann musste zweimal übertreten in den ersten beiden Reihen, stand aber ihre Salti sehr gut. Ergebnis: 25,512 Punkte - Platz 7 nach dem ersten Durchgang.

Maria Zassypkina (RUS) takes a step on her second vault. Natalia Ziganshina sits down her first vault 1 ½ twisting Yurchenko but lands her second one. Svetlana Khorkina falls on both her vaults and Russia is in trouble!
Result: 27,024
Elena Gomez (ESP) falls off bars of a Jaeger. Alba Planas takes a few steps forward on her ½ double front dismount. Sara Moro shows some excellent work on bars (10 SV). Result: 25,787
Rikst Valentijn (NED) sparkles on floor with an Arabian double front opening and good interpretation of the music. Gabrielle Wammes sets the crowd alight with another great display on floor with a well spotted 2 ½ twist to finish. Verona van de Leur steps out of bounds on a piked full-in to open but does well nonetheless. Result: 27,286
Alexandra Croak (AUS) gets through her tame beam routine. Jacqui Dunn improves but lands her dismount low and takes an extra step. Allana Slater falls off beam. Not a good night for the Aussies. Result: 24,524
Tatiana Yarosh (UKR) lunges out of the floor area on her Arabian double front opener but conquers her other tumbles. Alyona Kvasha does well with strong tumbling on floor (piked full-in, handspring-double front). But Natalia Sirobaba sits down her front layout-double front and also falls on an Arabian double front.
Result: 25,262
Rotation 2:

Rachel Tidd (USA) falls from beam on her Arabian. Tasha Schwikert wobbles slightly on a ff-layout and seems a little hesitant overall but still scores well. Tabitha Yim has some breaks in her routine.
Result: 26,324
Birgit Schweigert (GER) does well on her first vault handspring-piked front ½ but is very low on the landing of her handspring pike front. Lisa Brüggemann staggers back on her first vault but lands her second one well. Gabi Weller vaults a crisp handspring – piked ½ for her first attempt, but staggers forward on her second vault.
Result: 26,825
<<< Sabina Cojocar (ROM) labours through her routine on bars, Stroescu is a little better with a well landed double front dismount. Andreea Raducan suffers a near disaster when she overarches a handstand on low bars but covers very well.
Result: 25,874

Das deutsche Team:
Birgit Schweigert muss bei ihrem ersten Sprung auffassen. Lisa Brüggemann setzt sich beim ersten Sprung, steht den zweiten aber ausgezeichnet. Gabi Weller steht den ersten Sprung, hat Unsicherheiten beim zweiten. - Result: 26,825 - sie rücken auf Platz 6 vor!

Rotation 3
Esther Moya (ESP) gets Spain into trouble with a 7,725 on beam. Elena Gomez solid routine will help the team. Sara Moro’s precise style and high difficulty gives Spain (RO-layout mount; Rulfova) a boost.
Result: 26,049

Natalia Ziganshina (RUS) misses her foot on the low bar and then falls to her hands on her split legged double layout dismount. Lyudmila Yezhova comes back with a great routine until she takes a step back on her dismount. Svetlana Khorkina does what she neraly always does on bars: a beautiful and original routine. Result: 27,325

Kylie Tanner (AUS) scores a 8,575 in floor. Alexandra Croak and Allana Slater competed well.
Result: 27,049

Monique Nuijten (NED) lands her vaults well Gabrielle Wammes takes a step back on her handspring-pike front ½ but gives little away on her RO-1/2 on- front pike off. Verona van de Leur adds more when she hits her double twisting Yurchenko.
Result: 27,286

Tasha Schwickert (USA)

Tatiana Yarosh (UKR) vaulted a very tucked 1 ½ twisting Yurchenko and a handspring piked ½. Natalia Sirobaba made up for her floor debacle with two decent vaults despiet a low landing on her second. Alyona Kvasha was fine on her Phelps but fell on her second.
Result: 26,817

Ashley Miles (USA) powered through her floor routine with an Arabian double front and a double layout (out of bounds) with no big breaks. Tabitha Yim added another stable routine to the team total, opening with a 2 ½ punch front full. Tasha Schwikert capped of a strong US effort on floor to loud cheers. Result:27,749

Conny Schütz (GER) got through her bars set well for an 8,325. Lisa Brüggemann nailed her dismount and improved the team’s standing. Birgit Schweigert took an uncharacterstic fall on her Jaeger but stood up her double front dismount well.
Result: 25,074

Carmen Ionescu (ROM) started off beam with a solid set for her team. Silvia Stroescu followed that up with an even better routine , setting the stage for Andreea Raducan. She left little to be desired with her super solid exercise – full-twisting back; absolutely nailed double pike. Surely, the new world champions are Romania?
Result: 28,462

Das deutsche Team:
Conny Schütz startet mit einer soliden Leistung am Stufenbarren. Lisa Brüggemann präsentiert sich mit einer flüssig und couragiert geturnten Übung und einem sicher gestandenen Abgang. Und ausgerechnet Birgit Schweigert muss - untypisch für sie - beim Jäger-Salto vom Gerät, steht aber danach ihren Doppelsalto-Abgang brillant. Schade! Sie erreichen 25,074 Punkte - wieder auf Platz 7.
Rotation 4:
Elena Gomez (ESP) showed that Spain was not going down without a fight by putting in a fantastic floor effort for 9,5. Sara Moro stepped out of bounds but was great otherwise for a 9,20. Result:

Natalia Ziganshina (RUS) kept her feet on the beam and impressed with a standing Arabian. Svetlana Khorkina might have done her best not to throw everything away for Russia on beam but a 8,862 (9,4 SV) wasn’t much help. Lyudmila Yezhova competed her ultra difficult beam set – Onodi-front walkover-side somi- with confidence.
Result: 27,187

Allison Johnston (AUS) finished the competition for the Aussies on vault.
Result: 27,104

Gabrielle Wammes (NED) has two major breaks in her bars routine. This might be enough to keep the team out of the medals. Renske Endel put up a great fight with a routine that had intricate work, but her 9,8 SV kept her score at 9,1. Verona van de Leur gave an impressive demonstration of her beautiful stalder work, but took a large step forward on her dismount.
Result: 26,249.
Rachel Tidd (USA) vaulted a full and a double twisting Yurchenko to kick off the final phase of the competition. Ashley Miles followed her with two good vaults. The USA’s final competitor Mohini Bhardwaj added a Yurchenko with 1 ½ twists and put in another half twist for her second vault before running off to celebrate with her team mates. Only which place?
Result: 27,729

<< Verona van de Leur (NED)

Tatiana Yarosh (UKR) started off well enough on bars. Then Natalia Sirobaba continued her disastrous competition at these championships by falling again. Irina Yarodaskaya finished with a smooth if not brilliant routine.
Result: 26,262.

Sabina Cojocar (ROM) set the stage for another Romanian victory with great tumbling and some flair on floor. Andreea Ulmeanu gave another impressive tumbling display on floor – double layout mount. Cheers errupted even before Andreea Raducan took to the floor and when she landed her final tumble of double pike, no score was needed to deteremine the new world champion.
Results: 27,812

Katja Abel (GER) survived beam well to get the final stage of competition underway. Lisa Brüggemann was going very well in her difficult beam set only to out her hands down on her double tuck dismount. Birgit Schweigert had a small crisis after her mount on a full-twisting tuck jump but was very solid otherwise to bring her competition to a good end.
Resullt: 25,437.

>> The Romanian favourites win another team title with their blend of difficulty and stability that has served them so well. 

>> Russia once again fails while the USA stressed stability above all. 
Spain looked much better in the finals and move up one place from their Olympic ranking. >> Ukraine and Australia remain sixth and seventh.
The young Dutch team is without doubt the sensation of these championships.
The Germans were delighted to make this final and certainly have a lot to be proud of.

Das deutsche Team:
Katja Abel begann am Schwebebalken und turnte durch, nervenberuhigend für Lisa Brüggemann, die nach einer guten Übung beim Abgang mit beiden Händen aufgreifen musste. Birgit Schweigert war etwas nervös nach ihrem Stufenbarren-Abgang, turnte aber eine sichere Übung und brachte den Wettkampf gut zu Ende.

Report: Nora Schuler / Photos by Don Johnson
Web editors: Eckhard Herholz
/ Sonja Schmeißer

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