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The third group of qualifying was the first one in the early morning...

Rotation 1:

The British girls started the day’s competition with some strong tumbling on floor with scores above 9 from Melissa Wilcox (triple twist; double pike; 2 ½ twist; 9.7 SV) and powerful Nicola Willis, who opened with a double layout. Holly Murdock sterpped out of bounds twice, but their team total here is higher than Spain’s.  

Italy’s three individual gymnasts had problems on beam. Hungary had a bye.

<< On the photo, left:
     The British team before competition

Rotation 2:
Great Britain vaulted well, with handspring-front pikes and piked baranis. All gymnasts landed their vaults well.

Italy’s Monica Bergamelli continued to struggle, falling on her full-in opener on floor and going out of bounds on her dismount of double pike. Hungary had lots of breaks and falls from Beata Murai and Irisz Pap on beam.

Not one of the Latvian gymnasts was able to break 9 points on bars – on SV that is...  

The official mascot >>
of the World Championships

"Gymbo" in action, outside of the aerea, of course

Rotation 3:

Britain ran into its first problems on bars with Melissa Wilcox hitting her feet on the mat after a Pak salto and Emma Williams also unable to score above eight. Holly Murdock then put in a good performance followed by Beth Tweddle who wowed the crowd with a Bi, a Markelov and a nailed dismount for a 9,037 (9,9 SV), surprisingly only the fifth highest score on bars so far.

The Hungarians had some catchy tunes on floor, but failed to impress otherwise, their highest score being Irisz Pap’s 8.6.

Rotation 4:
Hungary continued its shaky outing with hardly a gymnast being able to land her vaults well. The Italian trio of Giorgia Denti, Cristina Cavalli and Monica Bergamelli all had problems on bars. According to team officials, the Italians are currently rebuliding their team with a group of juniors around Ilaria Colombo, who will be age eligible for Athens. This, combined with the retirement of some of their top gymnasts like Adriana Crisci and Martina Bremini, was the reason behind not fielding a full women’s team.

Great Britain had a bye.

<< Angela Strifler (HUN) after her last routine on uneven bars  

 Rotation 5:
Melissa Wilcox suffered the British team’s first fall of the competition when she came off beam on a combination of aerial cartwheel-ff-layout.

But once again it was Holly Murdock who came back with a good routine. Despite Nicola Willis falling on her full-twisting tuck jump, the British team had done enough to place ahead of Brazil.

Hungary just managed to get the better of South Africa but trails Belgium by almost three points.

Elizabeth Tweddle - 2001 British Champion, 9th in the current ranking after Subdivision 3:
“We did very well!  This is my first World Championships and I am satisfied with my performance. Nevertheless, I think I deserved a higher note for my Uneven Bars routine…”

Lyn Fair bother (British Gymnastics Women’s TC Chair and Member of the UEG Women’s Technical Committee) said:
“Our gymnasts did as well as they possibly could! I don’t think they could have done any better. Adrian Stan, Zoltan Jordanov and Corina Morosan have done excellent work in stabilizing the team.  Now we can just sit and watch the teams who will compete in the next Subdivisions and wait for the final results at 22.40 hours local time.


Report: Nora Schuler / Photos by Don Johnson
Web editor: Eckhard Herholz

Team Standings after 3 groups:

... the top eight nations are qualified 
at the Team final at Wednesday

1. USA   145,147 2. ESP   142,797 3. GBR  138,671 3. BRAS   138,320
4.BLR  136,108 6.BEL  131,885 7. HUN  128,934 8. RSA   128,221
9.LAT 127,408 10. FIN 123,895 7.KOR   121,920