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Simbhudas saves Canadian effort

Daniela Conde (ARG)

Rotation 1:

Competing with only four gymnasts means all scores count for the Bulgarian gymnasts, so breaks on beam from Radostina Todorova and Antonia Ivanova will cost them dearly.

Yevgenia Kuznetsovaís eagerly awaited debut for Bulgaria went well with a solid beam routine that inlcuded a combination of full-twisting ff-ff-layout and a double pike dismount. While some of her connections were a little slow, the style was there.

Canada started strongly on vault, with the third highest total of 36,024 there while Argentina was held back with low start values on floor.

Rotation 2:

Things didnít go too well for the Canadians on bars: Crystal Gilmore started the second rotation badly by putting her hands down on her double layout and Jennifer Simbhudas had some form problems throughout her routine. Kate Richardson crashed her piked Jaeger.Amelie Planteís Def had been applauded during warm-ups already and she caught it, and her Gienger, well in competition. She then lost points on an overarched handstand on the low bar to finish a disappointing rotation for the Canadians.

On floor, Yevgenia Kuznetsova tumbled a piked full-in, 2 Ĺ twist punch layout front, triple twist and a double pike for a 8,95 (9,5 SV).

Radostina Todorova (BUL) >>

Rotation 3:

Canadaís woes continued on beam where Ashley Peckett fell on her front tuck mount and Crystal Gilmore couldnít stay on after a ff-full twisting back tuck. Kate Richardson looked to be on track for a big score on beam when she wobbled on her Popa. Canada would now need a very strong performance on floor to catch Brazil.

Kuznetsova vaulted a clean Hristakieva, to help her team keep Argentina at bay by over a point.  

<< Jennifer Simbhudas (CAN)

Rotation 4:  

If the Canadians felt dejected after Crystal Gilmore fell on her triple twist, they didnít show it. Ashley Peckett and Joelle Ouelette fought well with good routines (great full-in opening for Joelle). Kate Richardson presented another good routine but stepped out of bounds on her Arabian double front. It all came down to the final floor exercise by Jennifer Simbhudas who saved the day for Canada with her 8,437. Enough to put them ahead of Brazil keeping them in contention for the team final.


Jennifer Simbhudas
and Kate Richardson


Report: Nora Schuler / Photos by Don Johnson
Web editor: Eckhard Herholz

Team Standings after 4 groups:

... the top eight nations are qualified 
at the Team final at Wednesday

1. USA   145,147 2. ESP   142,797 3. GBR  138,671 4. CAN  138,506
5. BRAS   138,320 6. BLR  136,108 7. BUL  132,659 8. BEL  131,885
9. ARG  130,482 10. HUN  128,934 11. RSA   128,221 12. LAT 127,408
13. FIN 123,895 14.KOR   121,920