12. July 2011  
Lausanne, Switzerland  
Happy Gymnastics

(3) Tuesday: World Gymnaestrada - Day 3Exotical Programs: Africa, Brazil as well as Italy and Germany

<< "African Magic" - it was an unforgetable evening of the colors of Africa on Tuesday in the Hall Malley. 500 participants from 11 to 70 years old used the occasion to move to the rhythm of vibrant music. The South African gymnasts  represented the culture of their country rich in diversity and traditions by a choreography of Maureen van Rooyen ... 
"The Time Machine" - after than, in the same venue, came Brazil, traveling through the time, honoring Switzerland returning to our past and relive the Swiss colonisation of Brazil, when the caravelles arrived in 1819 in Rio de Janeiro with Swiss families abord was the foundation of Nova Friburgo, also traveling through Brazil, the Indians of today, an evening full with beauty, joy and emotion thanks to happy gymnasts!
Italy's motto was "Dancing in the Night" - gymnastics, fun, and magic -  in a mix of fantasy and music to dance all together in this Italian night. About 200 gymnasts from 10 to 60 years performed in a delicate mix of Italian fantasy, fun characters of cartoons, acrobats and memories of Italian films and music to share their emotion with the audience. An Evening that lets the public dream and dance on the wings of fantasy. ...
"Kaleidoscope of Movement" - the German Evening at Lausanne ...

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* From Lausanne reports GYMmedia correspondent Achim SCHAEFER

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But when the lights went off and on again and it was time for the performers to take to the stage, the picture changed completely. Singer Gogo and the Kaleidoscope Group led us through a magical evening full of emotion and surprises. Broken down into three acts of harmony, elegance and power, the performances of 14 extraordinary groups bedazzled the crowd, transporting them into the fantastical world of the imagination.

Highly appreciated by the crowd, the first act reached a crescendo with the performance of Dreamcatcher by students from the Munich Technical University, who created fantastic images and a mystic atmosphere using a big white cloth and light balls. In the elegance act a group of dancers, including both able-bodied and wheelchair users, fired up the crowd with a moving performance to a selection of ABBA songs. Meanwhile Die Elefanten from Berlin impressed with their tremendous special effects, including a spinning globe, and their acrobatic and flight elements.

By the time all the performers had returned to the stage for the finale, dancing and waving, and Gogo released the crowd into the night, the spectators had spent a truly magical evening at Odysée Hall.
* Source: fig report