03. February 2007  
Las Palmas/Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

47. BLUME-Gran Canaria to be held at the same time as IGF 50+ ....

Successful Synthesis will continue...
After the big success and the worldwide advice of the two last years the Spanish organizers of the legendary general gymnastics festival "BLUME Gran Canaria" (its name commemorates Joaquim Blume, who was European champion in the Fifties) will hold both events together again:
"Blume Gran Canaria" and the "International Gymnastics Festival 50+" (IGF 50+), the best and most active holidays for "Golden agers", of 50 years and over:
Gymnastics for everyone, workshops and wellness, fun and performances for senior citizens' groups from all over the world on the Spanish "Island of Eternal Spring" Gran Canaria!
>> Read more on www.blume-grancanaria.org