11. October 2003  
Vienna / Austria  
Happy Gymnastics

Congress 2003 in Vienna: Dimitrios Dimitropoulos, new UEG president

ueg-info -- With 27 votes against 15 for his adversary Manuel Boa de Jesus (POR), Dimitrios Dimitropoulos (GRE) has been elected as head of the European Union of Gymnastics, UEG. He succeeds Klaus Lotz (GER) who has chaired the umbrella organisation of European gymnastics since 1993 and who will manage the UEG until the general elections which will be held during the 21st Congress in 2005.

In order to replace D. Dimitropoulos on the position which he has occupied until now the general assembly has elected the French Georges Guelzec, former member of the technical committee and member of the executive committee since 2001. He obtained 29 votes against 10 for the second candidate Hans-Christian Bjerg (Den).

Sylvio Kroll (GER)

20th UEG congress in Vienna: day 1
After the meeting of the UEG Executive Committee took place on Thursday, on Friday at 3.00 p.m. the 20th Congress of the European Gymnastics Union UEG started in the hotel “Wiener Parkhotel Schönbrunn”.
In the ballroom of the emperor’s guesthouse the guests and delegates saw an Opening with great Austrian flair to Waltz music...

Already in the morning a “colloquium” took place regarding marketing- and event management questions in gymnastics…

EBU- expert Marc Jörg

>> Here a few statements from this presentation:
' >> 'If we would have discussed this topic 20 years ago in Europe, politics would have decided which way to go. Today it is the market'.
>> 'All kind of sports with judging continuously loose public interest.'
>> 'In a World which lives from idols, the athletes and the length of their career are of great importance.'
>> 'The smaller a country, the more difficult it is to bring gymnastics on television.'
>> 'Tennis in Germany has shown that public interest does not primarily depend on the sport but on its stars and personalities.'
>> 'A good test: If you need more than 5 minutes to explain the rules of a sport to someone who does not know it, it is too complex for the concepts of TV.'
>> 'People want to see the personalities of athletes and exciting decisions.'
>> 'Competition formats should be - especially for minor TV- kinds of sport - the same at Olympics, World- and European Championships.'
>> 'Everything which is longer than 90 minutes has only very small chances to be shown on TV today.'
>> 'Difficult times are expected to come for many Olympic kinds of sport. Commercially seen they are often not important anymore.'
>> 'Gymnastics has to try to work against the negative development in the market'.....
>> ...please see also congress-preview